Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Great Grandfather Joseph Stahr (or Stoehr) worked for the Central Pacific

From: johns@olypen.com

Here is some info in my Great Grandfather. His name is Joseph Stahr or Stoehr. He was born 20 Nov 1849 in Roschbach, Pfaiz, Bvr Germany. His Parents were John and Anna Maria Baron Both from Germany and both died in Buffalo, N.Y. Joseph's wife was Annie Gibbons. The Los Angeles Associated Press said Joeph was a Construction Foreman for the Central Pacific who directed the driving of the spike. He came to California around the horn in 1868.

The Ogden Associated Press said Joseph Stahr veteran Central Pacific foreman whose death is announced from Los Angeles was struck Sunday by an Automobile in Los Angeles died Tuesday afternoon. burial place in Ogden, Utah July 21 1926.

—Pam Schneider