Tuesday, November 14, 2006

California Fast freight Line

From: "Jim Wilke" woodburner@earthlink.net

I'm interested in learning more about the California Fast Freight Line, a private car line operated in joint ownership by several different railroads in the 1880s.

So far I don't know much – an illustration of a 28' car lettered for the line and bearing the initials of the Southern Pacific appears in Kyle Wyatt's article on 28' Central pacific boxcars in the Nevada State Railroad Museum publication Sagebrush Headlight, along with a photograph of a train with a similar 28' car bearing the initials of the Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific.

How many railroads operated this line, and where did the cars run? How long was it in business, and did it have established routes and specific schedules, like a stage or steamship line, or was it operated on another basis? And what colors were the cars, did they have a company specific scheme?

—Jim Wilke