Saturday, August 12, 2006

CPRR Sierra Grade 360º Panoramas

Now online at the CPRR Museum:

Donner Summit 360 degree virtual reality panorama, August, 2006.

From "Bruce C. Cooper" BCC@CPRR.ORG

The main reason for my return visits to the grade at Cape Horn and the Summit (at which my great great grandfather, L.M. Clement, was the engineer during construction) was to take integrated sets of photographs from which to create a series of 360º interactive “QTVR” (QuickTime Virtual Reality) panoramas to add to the Sierra Grade exhibit. The first of these (which I created by digitally compositing 21 separate images) has just been posted online. The vantage point from which I took the images is the same one from which A.J. Russell took his famous 1868 stereo view of the CPRR’s then newly completed summit passage.

—Bruce C. Cooper