Thursday, July 27, 2006

Theodore Judah living at Antelope (Sacramento County), California???

From: "Cliff Kennedy"

I'm trying to find out if anyone has any information regarding Theodore Judah rooming for a time in, or near, Antelope (Sacramento County), California. In the book "Penryn - A Village Locked in Time" by local historian Leonard M. Davis, under a biographical sketch for James Blanchard, an early-day Penryn (CA) resident, Mr. Davis writes:

"During the building of the Central Pacific Railroad, he [Blanchard] lived at Antelope along the Sacramento-Placer County Line at which time Theodore D. Judah... roomed and boarded with him."

Unfortunately, Mr. Davis no longer has his notes, so the original source of this information is, at present, unknown.

Considering the fact that Judah left these parts, never to return, in October 1863, I was wondering if this was even possible chronologically, as I didn't think Antelope came into being until sometime in 1864, or shortly thereafter.

Any insights or information would be greatly appreciated. —Cliff Kennedy, Penryn, CA