Saturday, September 03, 2005

Locomotive Definitions

Southern Pacific class names give a window on what one railroad thought wheel types should be named. Even here, usage changed over time. These names were established about 1901 (and later for larger locos)

0-6-0 S Switcher
0-8-0 SE Switcher (8 wheel)
2-6-0 M Mogul
2-8-0 C Consolidation (a few early ones once called Mastodon along with others below)
2-10-0 D Decapod
4-4-0 E Eightwheeler (commonly called American by many others)
4-6-0 T Tenwheeler
4-8-0 Tw Twelvewheeler (earlier called Mastodon on SP)
4-10-0 - Named El Gobernador - only one - scrapped before class names
2-6-2 Pr Prairie
2-6-2T s Suburban (note small "s")
2-8-2 Mk Mikado
2-10-2 F Fourteenwheeler (commonly called "Decapods" or "Decs" by railroaders)
2-8-4 B Berkshire
4-6-2 P Pacific
4-8-2 Mt Mountain
4-10-2 SP Southern Pacific
4-8-4 GS Golden State - changed to General Service in WW II
2-6-6-2 MM Mallet Mogul (compound)
4-6-6-2 MM Mallet Mogul (compound)
4-6-6-2 AM Articulated Mogul (simple)
2-8-8-2 MC Mallet Consolidation (compound)
2-8-8-2 AC Articulated Consolidation (simple)
2-8-8-4 AC Articulated Consolidation (simple)
4-8-8-2 AC Articulated Consolidation (simple)

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