Monday, August 01, 2005

Question: Information on a locomotive - Schenectady - 2012

From: "Paul Daniels"

... I recently saw a photo of a rather curious Central Pacific consolidation. It was apparently an enlargement of a builder's photo, and the locomotive pictured was named " Schenectady ", and numbered 2012, evidentally having been built by the locomotive works of that name. It had a fairly large boiler, rather small ( 57" ? ) drivers, a steel cab, a single stage air compressor on the left side about 2 or 3 ' ahead of the cab, and arch bar trucks under the tender. The roster which I have goes back to 1900, and does not list this locomotive, at least not by that name or number.

Based on what I have described, my best guess would be that it was built sometime in the 1890's.

Could you help me with info. regarding date of manufacture, and any subsequent renumberings or rebuildings?

—Bob Daniels