Thursday, July 14, 2005

"Old Railroad Grade" - Moor Summit to Pequops, NV

From: "Abram Burnett"

East of Wells, NV, the USGS topo maps identify an “Old Railroad Grade” south of the present Southern Pacific.

The west end of this identified “old grade” is at Moor Summit (Lat 41.112284N  Long 114.800378W,) and it extends at least as far east at Pequops (Lat 41.202465N  Long 114.65941W.)  (Other locations between Moor Summit and Pequops are identified, east to west, as Anthony Siding, Holborn and Fenelon.)

Does anyone know whether this is Union Pacific grading, or part of the original Central Pacific which was changed by an SP line relocation?

Which leads me to the larger question:  Has anyone made a catalog (or map !!!) of all the grade revisions of the CP done by the SP?  In today’s digitized world, that would be a relatively easy endeavor for some ambitious soul.

Finally, I guess we should ask, What happened to the title/ownership of the unused UP grading between Promontory and Wells?  But then, perhaps title was never conveyed to the UP by the US Government…?

—Abram Burnett