Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Question: Largest Roundhouse in the World

From: "Steve and Mary Ann" smg990@wilbernet.net  

... I ... have a question about the largest roundhouse in the world.  The CPRR stated that the largest roundhouse in the world is in Sparks, Nevada.  It was only a 40 bay roundhouse.  There was one in Oneonta, NY that had 52 bays, was 400' in diameter and had a 75' roundtable.

Is the information on the CPRR site correct?

Claims of "World's Largest Roundhouse" –

Sparks, Nevada, 1904-1905 (CPRR); ?largest 1905-1906

Oneonta, New York, 1906 (Delaware & Hudson RR); largest 1906-?1915

Altoona, Pennsylvania, (Pennsylvania RR); largest ?dates
"Work on the oldest section of the Altoona Roundouse began in the early 1880s, with a major expansion built in 1913 and a third in 1947."