Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bio pages on CPRR Museum

From: "littlechoochoo81"

... Should you get inquiries about any questions on [the biography] pages I will be most happy to clarify what the original looks like.  One other thing: ... Robert Fulton's middle name should be "Laird" not "Lardin".  He wrote a book, I am informed by Ed Strobridge who has such book, but both Ed and I have questions about his reminiscenses as he is in error about the three locos sent over the Sierra before the tunnels were completed.  The first loco, the San Mateo, was sent over in August of 1867 while the other two were hauled over the next winter.  But when Hollywood tried to replicate the winter move they could not!  Those old boys in the 19th century knew things we have a hard time of doing today, if indeed we can do them at all.  Again, congratulations on your fantastic work with cprr Museum.  The pages all seem to be there from my collection but don't hesitate to ask questions.  I'll try my best to answer them. I'll be 83 in August so don't delay too long.  Lynn 

See: CPRR Biographical Notes from the Lynn D. Farrar Collection.