Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Montague Family Reunion [Family of CPRR Chief Engineer Samuel S. Montague]

From: "Larry E. Montague"

Montague Family Reunion (Worldwide)
The Largest Montague Family Event in History
Salt Lake City, Utah USA
July 21st through July 25th 2005
This is a "non-profit" family sponsored event

This is the official announcement of the Worldwide Montague Family Reunion, which is being held in Salt Lake City, Utah USA in July of this year. We have received many inquiries regarding the reunion, so we decided to make an attempt to email as many Montague’s, Montague relatives, and those who have expressed an interest in being notified of the event.

Please go to The Montague Millennium website. for complete and detailed information about this world class event. If you know of others who do not yet have Internet access please ask them to call either Mike Montague in Salt Lake City, Utah, who is the chairman of the reunion, or Larry Montague in Memphis, Tennessee, who is the founder of The Montague Millennium website. Mike can be reached either through his email address or by telephone at his home (801) 972-0188 in the evenings. Larry’s email address is , and his home telephone number (901) 937-8228. Please call Larry in the afternoons or evenings.

A lot of you are familiar with the reunion that was held in Philadelphia in 2000, which was a great success. We had attendees from all over the US and Canada, as well as Tasmania, Australia, and the UK . We hope that they return for this event which promises to be more successful than the last.

Many events are on the calendar that relate to the family as well as other outside events of interest to both children as well as adults. It will be an occasion to remember.

Salt Lake City was selected primarily because of its worldwide prominence in the study of genealogy. More genealogy records are stored and accessible by the general public there than at any other place on earth. It is also located closer to the West coast to reciprocate for the fact that the reunion in 2000 was held near the East coast. It has a pleasant climate and a lot of attractions to keep your family busy. It is also a major transportation hub which is convenient for your travel arrangements either by air or automobile. It is also served by the passenger train California Zephyr operated by AmTrak from Chicago to San Francisco.

This reunion is dedicated to the entire WORLDWIDE Montague family, so try to be there regardless of your individual family ancestry or country of origin. This is a reunion for ALL Montague family members, descendants and relatives, Not just those in the United States, but all Montague's regardless of the name derivative; Montagu, Montague, McTague, Montag, and others.

Keep watching The Montague Millennium website for further information on this great event.

I would be most grateful if you will send me a simple reply to let me know that I have your correct email address and that you received this announcement. It would also be very helpful if you would send me any other email address of Montague's that you may know. Any information such as this is NEVER allowed outside this website, and is ONLY used for official family communications. Thanks for your interest and your help.

NOTES! Please let us know if you plan to attend as soon as possible. Help spread the news around the world. As you know, there are Montague family member who do not yet have e-mail or Internet access.