Sunday, April 17, 2005

Central Pacific Railroad Rail

From: "Robert Stout"

I have a section of C.P. rail marked CAMMELL SHEFFIELD TOUGHENED STEEL P.I.C. 61 1/2 1887 S. Like G.J. Graves who does not know what the P following 1887 on his rail stands for, I do not know what the S. following 1887 on my rail stands for.

I have had this piece of rail for some 24 years. I was an employee of the Southern Pacific Railroad at the time and a friend sent it to me from Sacramento where he found it among some of the rail removed from the yard near the Sacramento Locomotive Works. Like most rail found in yards, it undoubtedly was cascaded from the mainline to yard service as the wear pattern is unlikely for rail used only in the yard. The wear pattern indicates that it was in tangent track, not curved. Except for rust pitting on the base of the rail, it is in remarkably good condition.

Robert B. Stout
Vice President and Chief Mechanical Officer
Alaska Railroad Corporation