Saturday, February 19, 2005

Knife awarded for faithful service

Thanks for your question about the decorated knife.

Many "transcontinental railroad" novelty commemorative items have manufactured over the years.

What is now called the "transcontinental railroad" was called the "Pacific Railroad" in the 19th century.

One "Straight Razor Manufacturers" website lists: M. PRICE, San Francisco, CA, ca. 1856 - 1889.

There is a post "M Price Bowie Knife" that matches your description, that indicates that these are modern items made by Collins and Co., not like a real Model 1887 Hospital Corps Knife, but rather a modern fake with modern decorations, made to appeal to modern buyers, with no actual connection to Michael Price.

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Book: "Knifemakers of Old San Francisco" by Bernard R. Levine

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On Feb 20, 2005, at 12:03 AM, wrote:

Hello My name is Gary Wolfer and I have purchased at auction a knife that has writing on both sides of the blade and carvings like scrimshaw of both engines, the Jupiter x and the No. 119 and above them Transcontinental Railroad and below them Promontory Summit Utah. At the base of the blade is the manufacturers name M. Price San Francisco.On the other side it says Awarded For Faithful Service and under that May God Continue the Unity of our Country on this Railroad unites the two Great Oceans of the world.  It is a large Knife with brass and wood handle and appears to be hand made. Have you ever heard of such a knife?

I couldn’t be so lucky. Could you return my e-mail and let me know whether or not it could be from that time.

Thanks Gary A. Wolfer